What’s the Real Story Behind Coronavirus and Ibuprofen?

You may have seen rumors on social media about a possible link between ibuprofen and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Namely, that taking ibuprofen can worsen symptoms of the already very dangerous illness. We investigated if there is any evidence to this claim.

Which Types of Migraine Prophylaxis Are Available and How Effective Are They?

Also referred to as migraine prevention therapy, migraine prophylaxis involves treatment designed to prevent migraine attacks from occurring. Here we discuss the most common and effective types.

How Can Yoga, Massage and Biofeedback Help With Migraine?

Holistic techniques are said to prove helpful for some people who suffer from migraine. After all, yoga, biofeedback and other relaxation exercises can be transformative in dealing with stress — which, for many, is a major trigger for migraines.

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