We fight migraine with aura!

Migraine attacks are daunting – and that can be stopped. Using Rehaler for your migraine-with-aura attacks means taking your life into your own hands again.

Rehaler – natural migraine treatment without side effects of medications

What is Rehaler?

Aura or warnings before migraine attacks give you the time to stop the pain with natural CO2 before it starts.

Free of medication

Medication side effects can feel as bad as the attack for you – which is why Rehaler is free of any medical substances. So you don’t have to make a choice between headache and side effects.

Start early!

As soon as you have warnings like aura, yawning or tingling, Rehaler is your helping hand. Start as soon as possible and relax – we got your back.

CO2 - a natural, effective helper

You aspire CO2 naturally – and that is what Rehaler uses for stopping an incoming migraine attack. Increasing CO2 slightly in your body means reducing pain sensitivity, and allowing more blood flow to your brain.

The Rehaler promise

Drug free


Safe &
clinically tested

prescription free

Freely available – prescription-free


No long term
side effects

Your new way of stopping migraine attacks

Based on the latest migraine research and the understanding of how the air we breathe affects our bodies. The Rehaler uses only fresh air and a precise and individual level of CO2 from your own body. With the help of the Rehaler app you will be guided through the attack – helping you stop your migraine attack in a natural, safe and effective manner.

Rehaler App - Start Treatment

Start the Rehaler app

The Rehaler app will guide you through the treatment and help you optimize the effect.

Adjust Rehaler level

Adjust Rehaler level

Adjust the regulator based on the feedback from the app, to ensure you always have the right air mix.

Rehaler Control Unit

Put on control unit

The control unit ensures that the treatment is optimal and safe at all times.

Woman breathing through Rehaler

Breathe & relax

Relax and breathe through the Rehaler. Rehaler immediately starts defending you against the development of the migraine attack.

Can Rehaler help you?

We are open: Unfortunately, we can't help everyone.

Rehaler has proven to help 78% of people who suffer from migraine attacks with aura or warnings before the pain starts. The attacks that you experience with aura or warnings have a very good chance being stopped in the early stage.

Understanding your migraine

Do you experience attacks with aura or warnings? Then you might be an ideal candidate for the Rehaler treatment.

What our customers say

“It worked. I could immediately
feel the effect.”

Nina J., 29 years

“I like that it is absolutely
natural and safe.”

Josephine J., 67 years

Rehaler Testimonial - Kris

“This was the first time, that I could immediately work again after the treatment of a migraine attack.”

Kris M., 33 years

What our customers say

The Rehaler service

Rehaler is the practical subscription service designed for you, so you always have a Rehaler handy when you need one.
Your first step to treatment

Order the Rehaler Go Starter Kit with 3 Rehalers + Control Unit.

individual delivery
Match your individual needs

You decide how often you need Rehaler – we make sure you get them in time.

Get personalized service

Personal configuration and onboarding service is included.

No strings attached

Want to stop or pause your subscription? No problem, we are here to help.

Your Starter Kit at a glance

Rehaler is the practical subscription service designed for you, so you always one.

  • 1 Rehaler for configuration
  • 3 Rehaler for treatments
  • 1 Oximeter control unit with case
  • Full Access to Rehaler App
  • Personal customer service

Contact us

Dear customer

Despite the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we working full force on keeping our customers happy. You can expect that orders placed at the moment will be handled with extra hygienic care and to be shipped in time.
Should you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer them for you.

Rehaler Team

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