How does it work?

Rehaler effectively counteracts the triggering cause in a large percentage of migraine attacks: a lack of oxygen and energy supply to the brain in the initial phases of the attack. By intelligently using precisely and individually adjusted levels of CO2 and fresh air, together with a unique digital algorithm, Rehaler increases the supply of oxygen and energy to the brain by up to 70% and in this way effectively stops the attack or reduces the pain.

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Brief Overview

  • By increasing the CO2 level and oxygen/energy supply to the brain, a large percentage of migraine attacks can be stopped or alleviated
  • Migraine attacks are very often caused or worsened by a lack of oxygen and energy supply to the brain due to contraction of some or all of the blood vessels in the brain in the first part of the migraine attack
  • Rehaler precisely and individually mixes oxygen-rich fresh air and CO2 from the user’s expired air, which is then breathed for approx. 20 minutes
  • The CO2 in the inspired air causes the blood vessels supplying the brain to expand, and the high oxygen level ensures a significant increase in the oxygen supply to the brain
  • The control unit monitors the user during the attack and sends data to the Rehaler app which uses an algorithm to guide the user through the treatment

How Rehaler treats your migraine attack

Rehaler uses a mixture of fresh atmospheric air and exhaled air to create a precise and individual mixture of CO2 and oxygen in the air you breathe. The Rehaler is specially designed to ensure that the user always gets the right ratio between CO2 and fresh air. This is critical in ensuring an optimal and safe treatment: if the CO2 level is too low it will not be able to stop the attack, whereas too much CO2 will create negative side effects. Moreover too little oxygen can be dangerous. This air mixture is breathed over a period of 15 to 30 minutes, which dramatically affects the migraine attack – stopping it completely or significantly reducing the pain. The Rehaler works in the body through four effective mechanisms:

Rehaler - Increases blood flow to the brain

Increases blood supply to the brain

Breathing the right CO2/oxygen mixture as supplied by the Rehaler gives a significant increase in the oxygen and energy supply to the brain. This is the most effective way of counteracting the drop in oxygen/energy supply which is often seen in the development of a migraine attack.
Rehaler - Reduces pain sensation

Reduces sensitivity of central nervous system

Breathing the Rehaler’s accurate CO2 level lowers the pH level in the body, which in turn reduces the sensitivity of the nervous system. This helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of signals sent by pain receptors, which again leads to a reduced pain intensity.

Rehaler - Stops Cortical Depression

Stops Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD)

CSD is a powerful, slow-moving wave that starts in a brain area with a low blood/oxygen supply and then spreads through the brain – leading to the migraine pain, nausea, light/sound sensitivity and loss of energy. Breathing the air mixture supplied by the Rehaler stops or inhibits the CSD wave.
Rehaler - Reduces CGRP in the brain

Reduces CGRP release in the brain

CGRP is a molecule in the brain which has been linked to the start of a migraine attack. In recent years, a number of injection drugs have been developed that aim to reduce CGRP release during migraine attacks. The CO2/oxygen mixture provided by the Rehaler has been shown to naturally reduce the release of CGRP – providing a drug-free way to get the benefit of CGRP inhibition without the injections.

How to use the Rehaler

Starter using Rehaler as early as possible

#1 - Start as soon as possible

As with most migraine treatments, timing is critical. We recommend that you use Rehaler right away when you feel a migraine attack coming on. By using Rehaler this early, a large percentage of users will be able to stop the attack before the pain starts, or greatly alleviate the attack.
Though early treatment is optimal, many of our users experience significant pain reduction even if the pain has already started when they treat with Rehaler.

#2 - Prepare the Rehaler

The Rehaler has been designed so that you can easily bring it along. It is also so simple to use that you can start your treatment within a minute of feeling a migraine attack approaching.

Just turn on your app and click “Start Treatment”, open the Rehaler pack and slide the regulator to your individual level, put the control unit on your finger and the nose clip on your nose. Finally, take a deep breath and exhale into the Rehaler. Then simply breathe normally through the Rehaler.

Prepare Rehaler
Rehaler - Breath & relax

#3 - Breathe & relax

When using the Rehaler for the first few times, it is a good idea to simply relax while sitting comfortably. When you have treated a couple of attacks you are likely to experience that you can actually work, read, watch TV etc., even during your treatment.

The Rehaler app and control unit monitor you during the treatment and give you guidance on any adjustments you need to make in order to get the optimal effect.

#4 - Continue your day

Some people feel the effect of the treatment within 5 minutes whereas some need 30 minutes. The optimal duration depends on the person, the attack, and on how far the attack has progressed before the treatment starts. If you feel that the attack has not completely stopped after finishing the normal treatment period, it is perfectly fine and safe to continue the treatment as long as required.

The extra CO2 provided by the Rehaler will wash out of your body within a couple of minutes after completing the treatment and you will often be able to continue your daily day.

With Rehaler you can continue your day after treatment

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