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Here we have compiled a lot of interesting and helpful information about migraine for you.


Is CBD Oil an Effective Migraine Treatment?

CBD oil has been touted as a ‘cure-all’ for a multitude of ailments. And, as a result, it’s been popping up everywhere — in treats, drinks, beauty products and even pet food! But can we trust it? And how well does CBD oil work to treat migraine?


What’s the Real Story Behind Coronavirus and Ibuprofen?

You may have seen rumors on social media about a possible link between ibuprofen and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Namely, that taking ibuprofen can worsen symptoms of the already very dangerous illness. We investigated if there is any evidence to this claim.


Which Medication Helps With Migraine?

Once you start to feel the symptoms of a migraine you are likely to benefit from taking a pharmaceutical acute treatment. In this article we’ll break down the most important benefits and drawbacks associated with different types of migraine medication.

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