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Here we have compiled a lot of interesting and helpful information about migraine for you.

Five people standing and sitting in a row, one of them holding a smartphone with the Rehaler app.

Rehaler Experiences – Susanne

Today’s migraine story is from Susanne who has been suffering from migraine for almost 20 years. We talked to her about her illness, which treatments she has tried, and her experiences with Rehaler.

A woman with migraine with her head in her hands, and a human brain with green arrows showing the progress of a migraine attack.

What Happens in the Brain During a Migraine?

During a migraine attack lots of complicated biochemical and electric processes take place in the brain. Here, we try to explain these processes as simply as possible.

A finger adjusting the slider of the Rehaler, and a pair of lungs.

How Does Rehaler Work?

In this article we explain how Rehaler works, which processes take place in the body during the treatment and how this affects your migraine.

A sleeping woman with migraine, lying in bed with a green towel over her forehead.

What Is Migraine?

Migraine is a condition which affects the nervous system, resulting in severe headaches, light and sound sensitivity.

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