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Here we have compiled a lot of interesting and helpful information about migraine for you.

A woman lying face-down on a sofa with a book in one hand, having a migraine attack.

How Is Migraine Connected to the Sleep-Wake Cycle?

For anyone suffering from migraines, it’s important to know that this health condition is connected to the sleep-wake cycle. If your sleep-wake cycle is disturbed, this can influence migraines in a number of ways.

Empty or half-empty glasses with liquor, wrapped Christmas presents and broken Christmas decoration lying on a table, symbolizing different migraine triggers.

How to Deal With Migraine During Christmas

Christmas can be full of joy and festive decorations. But often this time of the year also upsets our daily routines, which is especially a problem for migraine patients.

A girl with migraine wearing a green t-shirt, lying in bed with a stuffed animal and a cloth over her forehead.

Which Forms Does Migraine Take in Children?

Migraine often takes different forms in children than in adults. Here we give an overview over the symptoms and causes of migraine in children and how you can find the best treatment for your child.

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