We fight migraine with aura!

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Stop your migraine attacks with aura before the pain starts,  or dramatically reduce the pain. 

Rehaler is an effective and safe acute treatment of migraine with aura, with a clinical study showing an effect on up to 78% of attacks.

Take the test to find out if Rehaler is right for you!

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A new way of stopping migraine attacks

Based on the latest migraine research and the understanding of how the air we breathe affects our bodies.
The Rehaler uses only fresh air and a precise and individual level of CO2 from your own body.
With the help of the Rehaler app you will be guided through the attack – helping you stop your migraine attack in a natural, safe and effective manner.

Rehaler App - Start Treatment

Start the Rehaler app

The Rehaler app will guide you through the treatment and help you optimize the effect.

Adjust Rehaler level

Adjust Rehaler level

Adjust the regulator based on the feedback from the app, to ensure you always have the right air mix.

Rehaler Control Unit

Put on control unit

The control unit ensures that the treatment is optimal and safe at all times.

Woman breathing through Rehaler

Breathe & relax

Relax and breathe through the Rehaler. Rehaler immediately starts defending you against the development of the migraine attack.

How Dorthe got her life back

Dorthe went from spending days in bed every month to not having to worry about migraine attacks. Click below to listen to her experience with Rehaler.

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Rehaler Go Starter Kit

The Rehaler Starter Kit is everything you need to get started and includes 3 treatments.

Rehaler Go Starter Kit
  • Contains 3 treatments - Each treatment with the potential to completely stop an attack before the pain starts
  • Access to the Rehaler app - All information and support right at your fingertips
  • The control unit - Medical grade pulse oximeter which keeps you safe and helps you optimize the treatment
  • Guided configuration plus one additional Rehaler for configuration
  • Individual treatment plan - Get insight into your migraine and optimize your effect of the Rehaler
  • Personal Rehaler expert

Treatment satisfaction (893)

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My attacks usually last between 4 hours and 8 days. The Rehaler shortens and stops my attacks in less than 30 min. With the Rehaler in my bag, I don't have to worry about future attacks anymore.
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Got a migraine attack the other day, it worked OK I took no other medication, which was nice!
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My experience has been great.
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The Rehaler helped me really well today.

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