Is it right for me?

Rehaler is an effective and safe treatment of migraine. Because the treatment is drug-free and safe, you can freely adjust the timing, duration and CO2 level to optimize the treatment for your unique migraine profile – and for each individual attack. The Rehaler app helps you find the right way for you to use Rehaler, by using your feedback to generate a personalized Treatment Plan. If you need more information and guidance, our Rehaler experts are available for individual support and help. Together we will help you beat your migraine attacks.

Rehaler - Is it for me?

Key requirements

  • You get warning signs that a migraine attack is coming the last hour or hours before the pain starts, for example visual disturbances (aura) or other tell-tale symptoms. The best effect is often achieved if you can start the treatment as early as possible after these symptoms begin
  • You want to learn about your migraine so that you become better at identifying triggers and early warning signs so you know when to use Rehaler
  • You are ready to take control of your migraine and give input and receive feedback from the Rehaler system and/or the Rehaler experts in order for you to learn how to get the optimal treatment effect
  • You are at least 18 years old and do not suffer from one the of contraindications

What do our current users experience?

Based on the latest migraine research and the understanding of how the air we breathe affects our bodies. The Rehaler uses only fresh air and a precise and individual level of CO2 from your own body. With the help of the Rehaler app you will be guided through the attack – helping you stop your migraine attack in a natural, safe and effective manner.
Rehaler - User satisfaction - With Aura

Satisfaction level - Patients with Aura

Patients with migraine aura experience very clear symptoms hours or minutes before their migraine attacks, typically visual or sensory disturbances. This makes it very easy for them to start using the Rehaler early, since the warnings signs are very clear. This is also the reason for the great results we see above.

Satisfaction level - Patients without Aura

Most people suffering from migraine experience some kind of early warning sign of an on-coming migraine attack. It can be subtle and might not be easily noticed. If the user is not aware of the signs, or if the pain starts without warning, it will often take a few more tries to get the optimal treatment from the Rehaler system.

What using Rehaler feels like

Read below what our customers say about Rehaler

Rehaler user #2

“…it worked perfectly. I noticed the effect straight away…”

Rehaler user #3

“I love that it is completely natural and safe.”

Rehaler user #1

“It’s the first time I could go straight back to work after treating a migraine attack.”

Are you ready to take control of your migraine?

What are the benefits and challenges of using Rehaler?

Benefits of using Rehaler

  • Effective - 36% can completely stop an attack before the pain starts
  • Safe - Risk-free oxygen and CO2 levels ensured at all times
  • No long-term side effect - You can use it for as long and as often as you like
  • Fast treatment on-set and fast washout - Continue your day after treatment
  • Affordable - Cost as little as £ 4 per treatment
  • Get the treatment now - No need to wait for a doctor’s approval or prescription
  • Combine with other treatments - Rehaler can be used as an alternative to drugs, or as an add-on for an even larger effect

Challenges of using Rehaler

  • A treatment may take between 20 to 45 minutes
  • To get the optimal treatment can require some tries - the Treatment Plan in the Rehaler app and our Rehaler experts will help you find the right timing and duration for you
  • You must be willing to learn your migraine triggers and early warning signs to get the optimal treatment

The Rehaler Starter Kit

The Rehaler Starter Kit is everything you need to get started and includes 9 treatments and a full money back guarantee. Offer is available for a limited time only!

Rehaler Starter Kit
  • Contains 9 treatments - Each treatment with the potential to completely stop an attack before the pain starts - Additional treatments only costs £ ~4-6 each
  • Access to the Rehaler App - All information and support right at your fingertips
  • The control unit - Is a unique, medical grade pulse oximeter which keeps you safe and helps you optimize the treatment
  • Guided configuration plus a rehaler for the configuration - Preparing you for your first treatment
  • Individual treatment plan - Get insight into your migraine and optimize your effect of the Rehaler
  • Personal Rehaler expert - Choose your own Rehaler expert that will help you over chat, phone or email

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