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Rehaler Experiences – Susanne

How did your migraines start?

I am 65 years old and have had migraines for approx. 15-18 years. 

It started with visual disturbances, and it took me a few years to figure out that that was aura – so I had migraine with only the visual disturbances but no headache. Later, I started to get a headache after the aura, and then the aura stopped almost completely – and I only got the headache. Once in a while, every year or so, I still get an attack with aura.

How do your migraines feel?

My migraines have changed over the years. For many years the pain was located on the right side of my head. Then it moved towards the back of the head, and now it is mainly located at the back of my head and the neck. I only have a few headaches located on the left side of my head. 

I almost always get warning signs such as thirst or a little thump in my head when I move, and very often I get a special sensation in the body and head which cannot be explained and which lasts throughout the attack. I experience warnings that don’t result in an attack, and I experience warnings that last for days before ending in an attack. An attack typically lasts from 4-5 hours up to 3-4 days.

How do you treat your migraines?

I have taken Paracetamol for light attacks and Zolmitriptan for more severe migraine attacks – or Ibuprofen and Zolmitriptan. 

In March 2019, I started using Rehaler. I use it as soon as I notice any warning signs, although there may be warning signs that do not develop into attacks. But I have learned that the treatment with Rehaler should be started as early as possible. You just have to learn how Rehaler works, so it may take a while to find the right approach. 

But the result has been amazing for me! I’m keeping a migraine diary to keep track of how much medication I take and how my attacks develop. In 2017, I had about five migraine attacks per month, and in 2018 about three per month. In January and February 2019 I had four attacks. In March 2019 I started with Rehaler, and from March to July I only had one attack per month. The attacks that I did have were a lot shorter and less painful than usually. I was able to greatly reduce my medication intake. In the five months were I have been using Rehaler I only consumed a fifth of my previous intake of Zolmitriptan, and I was able to reduce my Paracetamol intake by two thirds.

What do you think about Rehaler?

It is great to be able to avoid taking that much medication, but the best part is the improvement of life quality. I feel so much better now that my attacks are less frequent, shorter and less painful; I have more time, I can plan activities and events without constantly having to worry about whether I will be able to do them. This also means a lot to my family. 

I am aware that my story cannot tell anything about the scientific effect of Rehaler, and I fully acknowledge that wishful thinking and the placebo effect can play into such a process. Therefore, this story should not be seen as an unconditional recommendation of Rehaler. Clearly, more research is needed on its impact. It is totally unacceptable and incomprehensible to me that no funds could be raised for this, and I hope that changes in the future! 

The lack of research is an important part of why I come forward and tell my story. I have never promoted any product before, but it is important for someone to come forward and talk about their personal experiences if it means that others will also try it while we wait for the research. I am a realistic person who is quite critical of most alternative therapies. However, Rehaler has convinced me over the last 5 months, and I hope others can get relief from it too. 


This story was written by Susanne, age 65, who has been using Rehaler since March 2019. 

If you would also like to share your story, please write to Theresa from our customer support, at Please use the subject “My migraine story” in the subject line.

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