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What do you think of Rehaler?

I am very excited that those of us who suffer from migraine have finally got a migraine treatment that is highly effective and completely without the usual and severe side effects of ordinary migraine medicine.

What is migraine like for you?

Doctors and neurologists have diagnosed me with incurable, chronic migraine, having several attacks every week and days with ordinary headaches in between. It started almost three decades ago.

Therefore it is a huge help that Rehaler has made it possible for me to prevent a new migraine attack by using my own exhaled air to fight the contraction of the blood vessels in my brain causing the lack of oxygen.

Thanks to Rehaler I have been able to get rid of most of my migraine medicine. And I have fewer attacks now.

How do you treat your migraine?

Rehaler works most effectively when the migraine attack sets in without a prior headache. At that stage I can get started with Rehaler at the optimal point in time, right at the beginning of the attack, especially if it accompanied by visual disturbances or other kinds of aura.

Using Rehaler in this way I soon feel great relief. Because the migraine attack does not get started for real, I can return to my everyday activities, feeling only slightly affected by what happened instead of having to lie down in agony for the rest of the day.

Other times, when the migraine evolves from a tension headache, it can be more difficult to hit the optimal point in time. Still the use of Rehaler takes the pain down by about a third and the duration of the pain is much shorter, if I use my Rehaler a few times during the attack.

My thoughts on Rehaler:

It gives me great comfort to always have my Rehaler and the control unit with me in my bag or pocket.
I am extremely grateful for this brilliant new invention, which I can warmly recommend with great enthusiasm.

With kind regards from Marie who is 59 years old and has been using Rehaler since 2018. Here you can also find testimonials from other Rehaler users. If you would also like to share you story, please write to us at

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A finger adjusting the slider of the Rehaler, and a pair of lungs.

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