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Migraine drugs are effective for many patients but unfortunately have many drawbacks, among them side effects, delayed onset, slow washout from the body and risk of developing medicine overuse headache (MOH).

We believe that there is a huge potential in instead using the body’s own mechanisms and processes to treat illness and pain. Rehaler uses two of life’s most basic molecules – O2 and CO2 – for mobilizing the body’s own effective defense against migraine attacks.

It is of critical importance to subject new treatment methods to rigorous, scientific testing. This is why we are working closely with a number of prominent migraine researchers and clinicians in conducting independent, randomized, controlled trials of the Rehaler method.

With any new type of treatment it is important to make its use as easy and intuitive as possible, and our entire design and development process is geared towards reaching the highest level of usability, customer care and clear communication. We believe that even the newest, most complex migraine science can be communicated in a way that everybody can understand, and that this can provide migraine patients with valuable ideas and tools for their everyday life.

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